General Information about Fresh Coconut Juice Calories


Coconut juice and coconut water are a part the latest craze that is sweeping the nation. There are many great benefits that can be derived from these coconut juice drinks. Fresh coconut juice calories are very low and the same is also true of water.
The calories from fresh coconut juice are very low. A 1-ounce serving of fresh coconut juice contains just 5.45 calories. That is an extremely low number and a person who frequently consumes this beverage will not have to worry about gaining much weight.
Coconut juice is also loaded with potassium and it is a great substance for hydrating the body. Some researchers even claim that coconut juice and water can hydrate the body, help with the ailment of kidney stones and even cure people from hangovers.
A person can get fresh coconut juice from a local grocery store or vendor’s market that sells this type of fruit. The juice from a coconut is sweet, thick and has a nutty taste. Fresh coconut juice calories will not make a person gain weight simply because this fruit product is a very healthy food.